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10 Ways to Create a Culture of Open Communication

Written by: Alexander Tuff

It was a silly argument with my wife about leaving dirty dishes in the sink that my 9-year-old son, Oliver, overheard. I was satisfied with my side, but when I put Oliver to bed that night, he rehashed the heated exchange, point by point, explaining how I didn’t see things from my wife’s perspective.

He explained how my wife’s frustration had been growing for months and no matter how many times she told me to clean up, I never did. Taking a step back, I could see that the feedback my son was giving me was absolutely right and I needed to change my ways (still a work in progress) and improve the way I listen and communicate with my wife on matters that are of concern to her. While our kitchen conversation was of little consequence, companies around the world can face major setbacks when they don’t have standard processes and channels in place for employees to give and receive feedback.

Creating a culture of open communication can be one of the best ways to inspire excellent performance, improve employee morale, and foster a warmer corporate culture. Here are 10 simple ways to integrate feedback into your company.

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