First Time Leading a Team?
Most people fail to meet their goals

The Problem: Is it you?

Research has shown that 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% truly are.

▶ We struggle to read the room

▶ We are giving off all kinds of messages and don’t even know it

▶ We make excuses and blame our circumstances for why we haven’t hit our goals

Is it them??

History has shown we are even worse at understanding others. We often will:

View a person through our own biases

▶ Forgive or miss outlier behaviours that we shouldn’t ignore

▶ Fail to evaluate a person well based on readily available information

The Pain
"I should have known better..." “I wish I had known…” “I can’t believe that happened…”
Sound familiar?

Advancing You: Understanding Yourself and Others is all about helping you get under the surface: for yourself and towards others, including how to develop and test strategies to meet your goals with greater success.

What’s different?

▶ You may be thinking, “Isn’t this like that other course I just saw?

▶ This isn’t a prescriptive, 10-step “miracle” program: it’s about giving you skills that you can USE that will be useful to you, today and forever.

▶ This course draws heavily on specialized acumen on doing analysis of humans and their behaviour, sometimes called profiling. This training is HIGHLY complementary to tools like DISC and others, but we do not use these tools in this training. This is about the art, science and techniques you can use every day with yourself and others.

▶ You know your favourite crime show where they profile suspects? We’ll teach you techniques and approaches to thinking that will help you unlock your inner analyst, without having to go through a four-year program. Most importantly, you can use this in the real world in your daily life!

Why should emerging leaders and managers take this training??

▶ As an emerging leader, you need to find your style and find your leadership footing.

▶ By understanding yourself and others, you will know how to connect better and create alignment and positive culture in your organization.

▶ You will be able to make better decisions about the people on your team: what assignments, what collaborations, what team mixtures and what combinations to avoid.


What you can expect

You’ll get this and much more:

▶ Eight hours of live (online) instruction (meeting once weekly for two hours) that allows you to engage and learn, with zero travel required and no time wasted.

▶ Use of our dedicated course platform, where you can ask questions as you explore exercises and resources to help you go even deeper between live sessions.

▶ Connection with a group of growth-oriented, curious individuals from all over the world.

This program is NOT for you if:

▶ You’re looking for a simple 10-step, prescriptive program.

▶ You are not curious and ready to grow.

▶ You already know it all.

▶ You don’t want any a-ha moments.

▶ You don’t want to be more strategic in your life.

▶ You can’t put in the time and effort to grow.

Your Instructor

Jonathan Dunnett has worked with the smartest people and companies in the world to help them make the decisions that matter. From startups to multinational corporations, he’s got a wealth of experience that he’s ready to share with you. With thousands of hours of working in and studying disciplines like intelligence, human behaviour, behavioural economics and others, Jonathan has distilled thousands of hours of real-world experience into a training course to help you be more successful, because his passion is all about helping people.

Additional FAQ

Are you using DISC or similar tools?

No. This course is highly complementary to formal tools like this. This course is more about the art and science of human behaviour examination and application.

▶ Where is the training held?

The training is conducted online.

Do you have other questions? Let us know. Let us know.

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