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Enable Leaders and ProcedureFlow ink partnership to help with training and knowledge initiatives

We’re delighted to announce that Enable Leaders and ProcedureFlow have signed a partnership wherein Enable Leaders will bring forward ProcedureFlow’s product to its customer base.

Building on the strength of this well established technology company, Enable Leaders is excited to bring forward such a high quality product that allows companies to reduce training and onboarding time by 75%, as well as achieving an 11% reduction in operating cost along with many other exciting benefits across many industries and applications.

“ProcedureFlow offers an ability to keep knowledge streamlined, well governed and updated in real-time. Knowledge inefficiencies cause delays, misinformation and can have significant costs and risks, and ProcedureFlow’s solution mitigates these challenges”, according to Enable Leaders CEO, Jonathan Dunnett. “One of the biggest challenges for any company is to document and mobilize knowledge, especially in case of turnover. This is a well documented problem that costs billions for the Fortune 500 alone, according to research, and ProcedureFlow provides a rather eloquent and easy-to-use solution to address these risks.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Enable Leaders. This collaboration brings together ProcedureFlow’s intuitive visual flows and Enable Leaders’ expertise in training and development. Together, we empower business leaders to optimize their processes, and improve employee proficiency.”

Dan Keddy, Sr. Director of Partner Sales & Channel Management at ProcedureFlow

If you would like to find out more about the ProcedureFlow solution, you can set up an exploratory call with Enable Leaders here.

About Enable Leaders

Enable Leaders helps leaders grow. Through its own solutions as well as through partnerships with global leading companies and experts, Enable Leaders brings forward highly curated resources, including software, training and development and content solutions to help leaders improve across multiple areas of leadership.

About ProcedureFlow

A Knowledge Management software uniquely designed for the modern workplace. ProcedureFlow simplifies the way employees navigate organizational processes to accelerate proficiency. Our improved process flows allow you to create, organize, update, share, and track procedures for easier end-to-end management.

ProcedureFlow digitizes your operations to create a single source of truth for company processes. This allows employees to access the information they need in a highly consumable, visual, and easily updatable format. With ProcedureFlow, companies can create a high performing culture by improving training and proficiency and boosting employee confidence from day one.

To learn more about ProcedureFlow, go here.

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