If you work in training and development, you’re likely tasked with things like:

  • Developing new courses for staff or clients
  • Preparing presentations for lunch and learns and longer trainings on various topics
  • Writing research papers or other content where you need evidence-based data and research to draw upon
  • Finding existing and emerging experts for outside consultants, speakers, and expertise

If you work as an executive coach, you may have your favourite resources that you pull on already, but, you may be looking for:

  • Recent content and data to help inform your clients and coaching practice
  • Organized information by topic, expert and other categories, easily found in one place
  • Resources that you can pull and use to easily share with your clients.

If you are researching content, it can be a challenge to keep up and to wade through the “fluff” of bad content. With Leadership Micro Tools, you can:

  • Quickly find recent data and research from a variety of sources that you can use in your work
  • Identify anecdotal (and sometimes, non-academic) work that can correlate and strengthen your overall papers, presentations, keynotes and more.
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