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What’s the best leadership content of 2021 (Q2)?

What’s the best leadership content of 2021 from quarter 2? We’ve got diverse sources on diverse topics leading the way.

Written by: Jonathan Dunnett

It’s hard to believe we’re already heading into Q3 for 2021, isn’t it? It wasn’t so long ago we were sharing the top content shares of Q1 with you (you can read those here). With much happening in the world, we see the importance of being a better leader every day: we hope you feel the same.

So, what’s inspiring and drawing people at Enable Leaders? I’m glad you asked! Here’s just some of the best leadership content of 2021.

On Humility

Our friends from UNC published this research that demonstrates being too humble can hurt you. Authors Ovul Sezer, an organizational behavior professor at UNC Kenan-Flagler, suggests that not sharing your achievements and successes hurts you more than it helps. Along with co-authors Annabelle R. Roberts and Emma E. Levine of the University of Chicago, it turns out that humility – in some situations – might be the wrong approach.

On Decisions

What’s the future of decision making? Part of the mix may be a discipline called Decision Intelligence. It’s an art and a science that companies like Google are using and it has significant potential to help any company that incorporates this and uses it well. Check out this piece from Roger Moser below.

On Overthinking

In a pandemic year, it’s no surprise that people are wanting strategies to help stop overthinking. With stats on mental health showing a real apparent issue across society, we know that for leaders trying to care for themselves and their teams, this can be a real issue: have a look at the wisdom Pia Callesen shares in the following article.

On Emotional Intelligence

We all go on journeys from time to time, and this piece on emotional intelligence is a deep dive on the experience of Satish Mummareddy to improving his own EQ. Check out the piece, Definitive Guide to Improving Emotional Intelligence, and consider what you can learn and apply for your own journey.

On China

I penned this article earlier in 2021 as I see the importance that China will play in the international picture as we move forward. We are already seeing (tough) choices that leaders are making on doing business in and with China, and I expect that will only continue to expand.

Those pieces (at least according to our analytics) were the top pieces in terms of engagement: did we miss anything? Did we miss any of your favourites? Tweet me and let me know and be sure to join our LinkedIn page too.

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